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Well, it was a near thing this month, but the blog did even better for January than it did in December, edging December out of its position as the second-best month to-date, and almost topping October as the best month so far.

Profit and loss

Advertising revenue finished last month fairly strongly, as you might recall, and – though it dipped a little in the middle of January – it pretty much kept up. So, more advertising revenue this month than I’ve seen since Google cut me off their ad-network.

Including donations (for which, as always, you have my heartfelt thanks) and subtracting costs, that comes to a net profit of approximately US$106 156 (plus change) for the month.

And good timing too. Renewing my Web-hosting and domain name for another cycle are upcoming expenses. Yes, there’s net profit, but anyone in a successful business will tell you that all comes to naught unless you’ve got the cash-on-hand to pay the bills when they actually come due. I was a little concerned that I might come up just a little short with what has been stashed away against that time, but your generosity has made sure that I cleared that bar with some margin to spare. Again, my thanks.

What was most popular?

Out of the 54 posts for January the most popular were:

All in all, a good start to the new year. Let us see where February takes us.

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