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The fate of megaprims

For about as long as megaprims have existed and been used on the Second Life grid, there have been two essential factions playing some heavy internal politics over them at Linden Lab. One group sought to standardise megaprims as a feature, while the other sought to have megaprims abolished, removed from every sim, inventory and database.

Neither side ever really got quite enough support to quite swing things in its own direction.

Now we’ve got two new features coming into confluence: Encroachment returns and meshes.

Meshes can allow objects to be larger than the stock “ten metres in any dimension” which is one of the primary features of megaprims, while encroachment returns allows a user to return an object whose extents cross over their parcel boundary. Normally a land-holder or land-officer cannot return an object whose positional centre isn’t on their side of the property line. With encroachment returns, a land-holder or land-officer will be able to return any partial overlaps as well.

That’s certainly a feature that would have saved me quite some stress in years gone by.

With these two features together, however, I’m guessing that the era of the megaprim is close to coming to an end. It wouldn’t astonish me at all to start seeing the Lab deleting assorted megaprims from the Second Life grid after these two features are in place and have proven out. Between these two features, it pretty much achieves what seems to be an acceptable middle-ground for the two political factions at the Lab who have been so long divided on this particular issue.

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