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You’ve probably already heard of RedZone, a system which is used to implement ban-by-IP-address functionality, and to make (variably accurate) guesses at alt accounts.

Avoiding RedZone data collection has been a bit tricky for the average user, since RedZone uses a scripting trick that allows it to perform data-collection, even when media-autoplaying is disabled (you either have to block traffic to RedZone’s server, or completely disable the Second Life viewer’s ability to access the Web and all forms of media to get around that – just disabling autoplay isn’t enough).

Linden Lab has stepped in, made a couple of updates to the Second Life Terms of Service (Community Standards: Disclosure), and required RedZone to obtain consent before displaying alt accounts. Note that this doesn’t in any way stop the data-collection process or banning by IP-address.

A message recently sent by RedZone creator, zFire Xue, goes as follows (typographical errors have been left intact):

Hello RedZone owners.
After talking with Linden Labs over the past month we have reached an agreement.
Effective now and retroactively the RedZone system will request Consent to display alt name information.
LL policy will reflect this change by tomorrow the 25th.
The zRZ HUD will now request consent much like a bloodlines bite.
The zRZ Website now offers a system to send an IM to request consent for a zF RedZone Alt Background check.
The system is already in place, new functions and consent methods will be offered as we discover how best to implement this feature.
Linden Labs has been good enough to suggest many ideas that settled on this one.
Alt names can still be viewed to settle disputes, run security background checks etc. (With Consent)
Please see http://isellsl.ath.cx/checkconsentinfo.php for more.

The RedZone system has been, and always will be current with SecondLife(tm) terms of service.

I would like to thank Linden Labs for working with RedZone and providing enough time for RedZone to make these changes.
Best Regards,
zFire Xue

PS: Everything is still logged as before, everything still works as before.
Only now to view the alts you need consent.
Alts are still banable if they are related to a new user you do not want on your land.
Alts of people you banned are still banned, alts of copybots are still banned, alts of anyone you have banned are still going to be banned, just not named.

Of course, one should remember EU courts have previously ruled that the collection of IP address data of EU citizens in order to associate that data with identities or alt-accounts is unlawful without prior, express consent – IP address data has been determined by the EU judiciary to be private information as far as this purpose is concerned; so RedZone would be in the wrong if it retained any IP address data from EU citizens or used it for matching alt-accounts, without seeking consent prior to collection of that data.

EU citizens who are concerned that this may have already taken place or be currently taking place should file a complaint with their Information Commissioner or European Union Representatives.

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