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Spoon Life?

Okay, this took me by surprise. Tucked away in the Role Playing Game section (the very notion makes me queasy) of Spoon Games is… Second Life.

Spoon is a cloud-based gaming service that delivers through a browser plugin, and I don’t have a whole lot more information to-hand than that. The Web-site seems to be a bit scanty on that.

How complete the Second Life client is via the Spoon service is unknown at this time.


Alright, after a bit of digging around (and thanks for your help, dear readers!), here’s what we know.

Spoon (and its associated browser plugin) are, essentially, delivering the complete Second Life viewer. The installation lives on a networked (presumably distributed) filesystem, and whatever parts of it become necessary are delivered to your PC, as required. I imagine that probably accounts for its apparent sluggishness. Any missing bits need to be pulled in when they are referenced for the first time.

In some ways, this is kind of neat. It gives you a working installation, without actually technically having to manually run an installer (other than the plugin, obviously). Installing software is a task that many people find too difficult to bother with (that probably doesn’t describe you or me, but we’re not really the target market here).

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