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Foundation host Kevin Rose (co-founder of Digg, Pownce, and Revision3) talks to Second Life founder Philip Rosedale in this 44 minute video.

Rosedale starts by covering his pre-Second Life background (nothing really new there for old-timers). He starts talking about his jump from Real Networks about 12 minutes in.

In addition he confides in how terrified Linden Lab were of (now defunct) There.com.

Coverage of Love Machine Inc – Rosedale’s lowest-bidder software development product – kicks in at about 23 minutes – for which he’s building a cafe, rather than an office.

One thing that comes through very strongly for me, at least, is that Rosedale talks as if Second Life is history for him. Something that’s behind him, and that he has moved on from.

Rosedale certainly continues to be engaging, currently hitting a tone that’s roughly between Richard Garriott and Ze Frank.

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