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Valleywag, an online gossip (and occasionally news) blog operated by Gawker Media – and given to outlandish and sensationalist headlines, rather like the one above – was always fond of calling Second Life a failure, in the past tense; it’s dead, it was a failure, does anyone remember that crazy thing with all those sad people?

Now, just relegated to a simple blog tag, Valleywag has all but given up the ghost, whereas Second Life does rather continue to be ticking along, regardless of its various problems and obstacles.

This is just my opinion, mind, but it seems to me that Gawker Media would have been better off if they’d invested their money in a piece of Linden Lab rather than in Valleywag. After all, Second Life is reported to be pulling in US$100 million in annual revenue at present.

Or instead, you could just have one writer and and a scanty tag on the Gawker blog. Awesome call there, people. Well done.

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