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Quickware Quicksand

A notecard has been circulating about Guy Quicksand’s Quickware Alt-detector today, from a new account called ‘Altdetector Resident’

I’ll reproduce that here with all of the terrible typographical errors intact.

QuickWare News.

Unfortunaly we have to anounce that due to the new TOS we have to make some changes.

I think most of you heard of greenzone and there fight for privacy. Linden Labs changed there TOS wich does not allow the disclosure of alternate accounts anymore.
In the QuickWare shop there are many people filing abuse reports, so there is a big change that our system will be disabled soon by Linden Labs.

We will continue our battle.

All alt detectors made by Quickware are tracable up to version 2.6 as beeing a QuickWare detector.
Greenzone made software to block us and there are people that will file Abuse reports on simowners using it.

This is all too bad, but we have found a solution for this.
You can get an Update for the detector you have now.
This Update will be less advanced as the ones you have now.
But it has some features that you dont see, that make this new version undetectable and untracable.

I will not clarify here what these features are.
The Alt detection system is sold and will be taken care of by somone else. Guy Quicksand will not be giving support anymore, nor is his support team.
All regular users can request the new Detector by email; info@quickware.net Please make sure you write down your username correctly, do not use your scenename!!
The battle continues…..

Coupled with the Quickware creator’s statement that he sold the source code to ‘someone else’, well… does anyone here think that Altdetector Resident isn’t an alt-account of Guy Quicksand?

Quicksand suggests that the banhammer descended after he sold the source and business to someone else, but I must say that I have my doubts about this. I’m not finding that plausible. Is anyone else?

If only there were some sort of … I don’t know… some sort of alt detection system that would settle the matter. 😉

While we’re on the topic, does anyone want to take a stab at guessing how long it might take the Lab to ban or suspend Altdetector Resident? I suspect that the Lab will not like the name at the very least.

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