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Linden Lab’s Soft Linden has apparently pulled a list of everyone who got the recent notecard from AltDetector Resident just recently, and followed it up with one of his own.

That text in full …


You recently received an object from “AltDetector Resident” advertising an update to a product called QuickWare Alts Pro.

The creator of this product failed to make it conform to the Second Life Terms of Service, which prohibits disclosing alts without prior consent. At present, the object and its creator are no longer allowed in Second Life.

If you receive an update from a new name, please be sure to file an Abuse Report against the sender. Select “Harassment->Soliciting/Inciting Others to Violate the ToS” as the Abuse Report category.

Do not rez or use the object, and do not set out previous versions of QuickWare Alts Pro.

If you see someone else using QuickWare Alts Pro, you can help by filing an Abuse Report. Select “Disclosure > Real World Information” as the category.

Don’t worry, you aren’t receiving this note because you have been singled out. This notice was sent to every recipient of an object from “AltDetector Resident.”

You can read more here:


Soft Linden

It seems the position is very clear, and that Quickware Alts Pro is a dead product – as is, it seems, the accounts of anyone selling it, or perhaps using it.

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