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snake-oil7 In the wake of the removal of RedZone from Second Life, many former RedZone customers are looking for alternatives. Why not an alternative from Linden Lab?

Yes, I’m actually suggesting that Linden Lab step up and consider providing a ban-by-IP or ban-by-MAC or ban-by-magical-unicorns system for land-holders.

Consider: we already entrust the Lab with our data, so there’s no additional privacy implications, since that data would never be made available to land-holders. A person gets banned, they tick an additional box to ban by magical unicorns, and anyone that the Lab’s magical unicorns determine might be the same person automatically gets barred as well, without otherwise exposing any of that information to the land-holder. Even if it is in error.

Yes, there’s a whole shed-load of things wrong with that. It’s ineffective, and most likely ends up banning people from properties in error.

However, if land-holders are going to buy the same snake oil time after time in the misguided belief that it works (and all evidence suggests that that is exactly what they’ll do), maybe the Lab should actually provide it for them. Maybe they can even make a few dollars from it.

After all, a land-holder is within their rights to bar anyone at anytime for any reason. Even for daft, stupid, mistaken and wrong-headed reasons, and using shoddy, ill-conceived software.

If enough land-holders are demanding shoddy, ill-conceived and largely ineffective snake oil, why shouldn’t the Lab be the one providing it?

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