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InWorldz LLC is preparing for the beta-testing of its new scripting engine, Phlox. Phlox is an ambitious project that has been in development for some months.

  • Offer 99% source compatibility with the original SL/LSL implementation
  • Be extensible for future additions to the language and also allow us to plug in brand new language implementations in the future.
  • Must have a minimal memory overhead
  • Must be fast
  • Retain as much backwards compatibility as possible for existing scripts
  • Enable state saves on inventory items, attachments, and rezzed items
  • Allow a fair sharing of processor power with all other scripts
  • Have proper scheduling that allows for pause, resume, sleep states etc
  • Store compiled scripts and state data in a compact format for efficient disk storage and wire transmission
  • Store compiles scripts and state data in an easily parsable format for low overhead during loads
  • As much as possible, should not interfere with the main simulation loop, even under high load
  • Should provide the coder with good feedback when there are compilation errors
  • Must have proper semantic checks for event definitions, function calls, etc

InWorldz LLC has produced Phlox to meet these goals, and has built it from the ground up. It is now almost ready for beta-testing.

[via InWorldzTech]

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