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CNN iReport island in Second Life Ouch, right? Not the nicest headline I’ve ever had to write. On the plus side, it isn’t actually Second Life that is at fault.

A few years ago, CNN (then part of the same media group that I was working for) opened up a presence in Second Life, and set up a special section of its iReport Web-site devoted to Second Life.

After a time, CNN closed down the special Second Life sub-site on its iReport site, folding Second Life reports in with the rest of the submitted stories as a category.

While the flow of user-contributed pieces continues steadily, it seems that the relatively small number of Second Life iReport contributors no longer justifies the cost of maintaining the iReport island for in-world meetings.

At present, it isn’t exactly clear when CNN’s small island in Second Life will lapse.

* Disclosure: At the time of the establishment of CNN’s presence in Second Life, and up until mid last year, I was employed by the same company group that CNN belonged to.

UPDATE: After the meeting where it was announced that in-world meetings and the island would terminate, it was subsequently announced that in-world meetings would continue. There is no word that the island itself will be retained or not. CNN producer Nicole iReport said that the initial news at the meeting had been partially in error. [Thanks Janey Bracken, for the extra info]

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