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The viewer formerly known as Canvas from Chris Collins’ Tipodean Technologies is a Web-embeddable, Unity3D-based viewer compatible with Opensim and Second Life.

Now called BuiltBuyMe, the viewer is free and advertising-supported. Other potential concerns of privacy and scaling have been eliminated – the viewer no longer needs to pass data through a third-party system (which also had a lot to do with making it available for free).

The BuiltBuyMe viewer represents quite a technological divergence from, well, almost every other graphical viewer you can think of – not because it is Web-based, but because it uses a completely different 3D system.

At present, BuiltBuyMe is not fully complete (it is in open beta), and doesn’t render avatars quite right, but notably it does work quite a bit faster than its Canvas incarnation.

BuiltBuyMe doesn’t run on mobile devices, and Unity 3D isn’t available for Linux, so no joy for Linux users there.

Personally, I’m not convinced that Web-embeddable viewers are really going to take off beyond some fairly limited applications, or the most casual usage – but I could be wrong.

[via Hypergrid Business]

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