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I could have sworn that this particular feature was dead in the water a few months back. Shows what I know, right?

The Enhanced Avatar Physics (EAP) feature (not to be mistaken for the long-since canned Physical Avatar feature) is essentially a wearable physics object that allows you to control and tune the … well, the jiggle on your avatar’s jiggly bits.

Up until now, you needed a third-party viewer for any jiggling, and that was more or less limited to your avatar’s boobs. Some implementations didn’t really handle the physics part of it very well, occasionally resulting in nipples that would smack off the floor, or jut behind you. They also didn’t play very well with various attachments and prosthetics that might have been added to your avatar.

Since that was all handled locally, it was applied to your own avatar, plus any other avatar that came into visual range – whether or not it was appropriate.

The new Enhanced Avatar Physics wearable allows you to add motion to your belly and buttocks as well as your bosom, and only affects how you (and others, using a compatible viewer) see your avatar.

The Enhanced Avatar Physics feature likewise doesn’t play well with avatar attachments and prosthetics, which won’t move in conjunction with any jiggles that the avatar’s body parts might indulge in.

No third-party viewer (that I’m aware of) supports EAP at this time. I admit it would be interesting to see one that does, while simultaneously supporting the usual third-party boob-jiggling. The results may well be nightmarish, but they’d sure be interesting.

Jiggly-avatar-bits are actually a rather popular idea, though not – I do not think – solely because of sexual connotations. Rather, I think that it is more that we prefer to see our avatars to appear more natural, with a greater amount of verisimilitude.

SL Viewer Beta Release Notes

Download SL Viewer Beta (v2.6.3) with Enhanced Avatar Physics:
Windows | Mac | Linux

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