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Earn L$200 giving the Splintered Rock Combat Cards namesThe makers of Combat Cards, a card game that is played in Second Life, have taken an innovative approach to creating a new expansion based on the players and setting of an actual roleplay region in Second Life.

Spend five spice. You may draw two cards, and your opponent loses a turn. Press-release remains tapped until the end of the turn Doc Boffin and Osprey Therian, creators of Combat Cards have worked closely with Vooper Werribee, owner of the Splintered Rock Second Life region to produce a new set of cards. Each card shows one of the roleplay characters who plays at Splintered Rock.

Both Combat Cards and Splintered Rock have a long history in Second Life. Combat Cards was first released in 2006 and at the time Doc Boffin was also a Linden employee known as Babbage Linden. Splintered Rock was originally a roleplay area based on the science fiction world of the Dune novels by Frank Herbert. However, in 2008 lawyers for The Herbert Estate requested the removal of any Dune intellectual property from Second Life.

Vooper Werribee (real life name: Darren Green) said, “The Splintered Rock set of cards shows that we have moved on from the ‘Dune issue’ [Which you can read about here –Tateru] and benefit from the incredible creativity and originality of roleplayers in Second Life. The cards do a great job of showcasing that. Osprey worked incredibly hard with each player to get a picture that captured the ‘heart and soul’ of their character and the new set of cards is a fantastic way to let people know about the style and setting of the roleplay on Splintered Rock. I’m thrilled to be involved in this!”

Earn L$200 giving the Splintered Rock Combat Cards names This method of producing a new expansion for Combat Cards illustrates the flexibility that is available to developers of virtual games. The creators of Combat Cards may take a similar approach to their next expansion, perhaps featuring another Second Life roleplaying region. There is also the possibility of producing customised cards on request. What better way to immortalise your avatar than to have them featured on a card!

One final task remains before the Splintered Rock set of Combat Cards can be released: The new cards all need names. If you would like to help name the cards then send an IM in Second Life with your suggested card name to Vooper Werribee. It also a chance to make a few Linden Dollars as L$200 will be paid for each card name that is used. You can see the set of Splintered Rock Combat Cards here.

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