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Second Life Or at least that’s what Linden Lab’s staff think happened today. Staff who mentioned it at in-world meetings today did not know the name of the new director or anything more specific than that.

“[W]e just hired a new director of support”, announced Amanda Linden (executive director, Marketing Communications) at a meeting in Second Life today. As for the specifics, “[D]on’t know yet. [J]ust heard we hired someone.”

I’m honestly not sure who or when the last support director was at Linden Lab. I suspect that it was Cyn Skyberg back in Q1 2010 (in the role of Vice President, Customer Relations), but I could be wrong. Filling that role would certainly be important to Linden Lab CEO, Rod Humble, who has plans to significantly work over and improve Second Life customer service.

Linden Lab was not available for comment, but I might get a response in the coming days.

UPDATE: A Lab spokesperson confirmed the hiring of the new Support Director, but no further information is available at this time.

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