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Give Tateru all of your money! Sorry this post was slightly delayed. You know how easy it is to get caught up in other things.

The two-second summary: A very good month, but not a record month.

In contrast to March, where I put together 81 posts, the month of April was just 35. Things got a little crazy for me in the first part of the month, and then – of course – there was Easter.

Nevertheless, that didn’t seem to diminish the interest of readers much.

Profit and loss

Ad revenues were lower this month – which regrettably was made worse by an increasingly weak US Dollar exchange-rate – but a sudden rush of Linden Dollar donations (in response to a post on Second Thoughts, I assume by the timing) made up for it, giving almost exactly the same net profit as last month (give or take a few cents), so $171. That’s about $4.88 per post, which is certainly the best ratio to-date.

Second Thoughts also triggered a boost in subscribers as well as donations in the same period, so that’s all been very positive.

So, obviously, you should all feel welcome to send me all of your money. I promise to use it for entirely self-serving purposes, like a new PC.

Posts and traffic

Normally the Statistical charts would have taken the top-spot, this month, but a Labber sockpuppeted a comment on a post, incidentally violating Wheaton’s Law, and that rocketed that single post to the single, most-read posting this month. Kind of ironic, that.

The charts came a close second to that, followed by:

As usual, however, the Weekly Linden account changes, combined, outstripped everything else as far as reader-interest goes.

All in all, I’m looking forward to a good month of writing, and a good month in Second Life. I hope you’ll all join me, in both ways.

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