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23,440 square metres of Second Life land in the mainland region of Belmondo, abandoned in January of this year, it is still host to one of the more impressive mainland builds.


I’m pretty sure that castle isn’t the correct word for it. Manse or manor probably comes closer, and it is a lovely one.

The builder was Jenne Dibou, whom I have contacted to see if she can answer some questions about it. The Land was owned by the Mount Belmondo KrisCar group up until late January. Since then, the build has… well, just sat there. Lovely, impressive, and still fully functional, from the doors to the late-Victorian elevators. And that’s all I know right now. Why was it built? What was it for? Why was it left abandoned? One of those pesky billing errors?


I suppose once the Lab catches up with this piece of abandoned real-estate the build will vanish, never to be seen again. I strongly urge you, therefore, to go and see it for yourself, in Second Life. Like most Second Life places, 2D images just don’t do the place justice.


Builder Jenne Dibou has a blog and seems to still be creating detailed and beautiful work.

Thanks to Laetizia Coronet for spotting the site in her travels. I feel enriched for just having visited it to explore and ponder its mysteries, before it vanishes.

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