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At the circus, we always liked seeing the server-balancing Earlier this month, Lex Linden announced that Linden Lab had replaced Linden Lab’s existing infrastructure management system for Second Life with open-source product, Clusto.

I’m pleased to announce that, as of Monday, May 2, Linden Lab is now running Clusto in production!  This is the culmination of about 6 weeks of work by my team.  In this time, we learned Clusto, implemented a set of drivers to model our infrastructure, and deployed Clusto to replace our existing infrastructure management system.  We delivered this project drastically ahead of schedule — a solid five weeks earlier than my initial estimate.

From here, things get even more fun.  We’re kicking off some exciting projects now and in the coming months:

  • discovering and correcting errors in our data set
  • dead host discovery
  • RMA tracking and automation
  • DHCP and DNS integration

I contacted Linden Lab, but was unable to ascertain quite what benefits Clusto might have over the Lab’s previous (and perhaps rather aged) infrastructure management system. Nevertheless, Clusto has a good reputation, and overall I think this can likely be seen as a positive move.

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