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Oz Linden via his SL profile “[A]ny [Second Life] viewer that isn’t being actively maintained is going to start having fairly serious problems over the next months,” said Oz Linden in Hippotropolis today, “we’re making a lot of changes… if viewers don’t keep up, things will break.”

“[M]esh, improved chat, new profile features. [M]ost APIs will get some kind of update and we do not promise to maintain the old APIs for long. It’s always been the policy that our viewer is the reference for how to interface to the servers, and by that we mean the 2.x code base now.”

“[T]that being said, we’re looking hard at what motivates people to stay on a 1.x viewer so that we can try to address those issues too.”

Wait a second. What was that about improved chat?

“I don’t actually know many of the details, on chat. [T]here is a good sized team doing work to figure out why it lags and making changes. [T]here’s a commit in the queue for [viewer-development] to instrument some things, actually.”

Hmmm. Interesting.

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