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Saving towards a new PC A good month overall. For readers and traffic, it was the third-best month so far.

Profit and loss

So, not so happy with the whole US Dollar exchange rate at the moment. The weak US dollar would be great for buying things from there, but seeing as much of my revenue comes from the USA, well, that’s not so nifty. Net profit for May was $101 plus change. That works out to $1.45 per post.

Certainly not so good for my saving for a new PC. Still a few hundred dollars to go, but getting there. If you want to contribute to that, well, the sidebar over on the right tells you how.

Posts and traffic

There were 70 posts for May. The top few, in order of popularity (after the Second Life statistical charts, which was top of the pops by a long mile) were:

If I’ve seemed a little quieter towards the end of May, it was because I was working on something special, which I hope to have for you soon.

Will it be good? We’ll see. Only you can be the judge of that.

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