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The whole family, pets included, were in the living room earlier this-evening, when there was a very strange sound.

What it was, was the rear door of the house. A sliding glass door, with one of those steel security screen doors on the outside.

We’ve no idea why, but it just cracked, as you can see here – all that stuff you see there are thousands of cracks:

(this shot was taken from the outside, with the door open, and the security screen shut)

Interesting things: The cracking continued for quite some minutes. You could hear it and if you were looking in the right places, you could see the cracks spreading.

Fortunately, some tape and sheets of plastic on the inside of the security screen have helped to provide a barrier against the weather in the meantime – we’re leaving the glass door open, because the glass is just hanging in the frame like a jigsaw, and it could fall out anytime. I’d rather have it mostly fall out rather than in.

We still don’t know why. Nothing inside the house was near the door, and the screen protected it from the outside. There were some illicit fireworks going on, but I don’t think that those had anything to do with it. Temperature differential is a possibility, but I’m not sure it has really been cold enough, and it certainly wasn’t when it cracked.

Your guess is as good as mine – and quite possibly better.

I suppose we’ll have to have that fixed before Winter sets in good and proper.

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