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What is the difference between an e-book and a regular book anyway? Well, there are five notable ones that come immediately to my mind.

Firstly, of course, e-books don’t require expensive paper, ink, binding or the various printing and fabrication machinery that goes with all of that.

2. E-books don’t accrue warehousing costs.

3. E-books don’t have to be shipped by truck, train, ship or aircraft, or be handled by distributors.

So, e-books should be pretty cheap, right? Well, usually no. Most publishers who have an electronic version and a paper version of the same book charge close to the same price for both editions.

And that brings us to the last two differences:

4. E-books are often not formatted as well as their paper counterparts.

5. E-books often have more typographical errors than their paper editions.

Considering that the cost of producing e-books is described as ‘trivial’ or ‘pennies’ by publishers, I am forced to assume that few (or none) of those pennies go into proofreading the electronic editions.

It would be nice for the text to be at least identical between the two versions, but it seems that none of the revenue is being allocated to that. Where does that money end up going, anyway?

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