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Another good month. Not in the top-five, but who am I to complain? After all, you folks bought me an awesome PC, for which I cannot thank you all enough.

If that’s not a good month, I don’t know what is.

Profit and loss

Argh. Math hurt brain. Let’s try to figure this out…. Advertising income remained fairly steady through the month, but donations were high. Okay, some back of the envelope calculations.

Net profit, altogether: $342. That sounds like an excellent result to me.

That works out to $11.79 per post for June. The best ratio so far.

Posts and traffic

The most popular items for the month were:

As for this post being delayed. I blame Google+ which seems to have set imaginations on fire all over.

Now let’s get in and do it all again. It’s a new quarter, and I expect that Linden Lab is going to try to surprise us – more than once – in the coming months.

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