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You want to what?

I decided that I’d list my twitter account on my Second Life profile. There’s a bit at the bottom which says “Connect your profile to other social networks” and I thought “cool. This will show my social media accounts (or at least, the supported ones), and maybe even show some data from those social media streams on my Second Life profile. Let’s find out!”

So, I selected Twitter, and then it popped the question.

And then I thought, “What the hell? You want to what?”

So, my Second Life profile wants permission to follow new people on Twitter, to update my Twitter profile, and to post tweets.

No. In fact, hell no.

That is so not what I want it to do for me.

I can’t even imagine what it might tweet, given the opportunity – after all, it isn’t like I can make status updates on my profile or anything. There’s a system in beta that lets you do this, but this is not that system.

(Rod? This is what I was talking about)

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