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Oz Linden has indicated that the first sims with mesh-code support are imminent. “Days, rather than weeks” away.

That actually doesn’t necessarily mean that those sims are going to suddenly start sprouting meshes, mind you.

You see, adding mesh as first-class assets to Second Life isn’t one of those pull-an-overnighter deals like LSL scripting was. There’s quite a bit more stuff going on under the hood to make mesh work, and some of that includes other features and improvements that – while intended to work with meshes have other benefits as well.

All of that can be tested without necessarily pulling a whole lot of meshes out of thin, virtual air – and it needs to be.

Still and all, we’re talking about a lot of not-very-visible changes and subsystems that really need a good thrashing under large-scale conditions, and rolling those tentatively out onto the main Second Life grid is the only practicable way of doing that. The code’s hung out on the beta-grid for a while, and has gone about as far as it can there.

This is sort of like the jump from testing on rats to testing on humans.

I wouldn’t expect to see this rolled into a main-grid beta-channel this-coming Tuesday, necessarily. Instead, I’d expect some few sims getting a manual upgrade before that, just to see if it releases any demons from the Dungeon Dimensions first.

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