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So, why is Google pushing so hard for your wallet name on Google Plus and Google Profiles? Some say that it’s because of “Marketers and Advertisers”. Horse feathers! I don’t even know who started that notion. They don’t care about the name in your wallet, whether you dress up in latex or pretend to be a fairy princess. Long as you’re clicking and buying, nobody cares who you are.

Alternatively, you could easily point to Orkut and say “Look at that. It became a polluted mess – a disaster – in just months. Nobody wants that again.” Indeed, nobody does, but this method isn’t a workable way to avoid it, and Google would already know that.

No, this is about pants. Metaphorical pants, leastways.

The only way that I see that this makes sense is if Google wants to pinch Zuckerberg’s users. Why? I don’t know. Maybe he didn’t return Google’s lawn-mower.

You see most of the folks over on Facebook have already dropped their pants. They’ve exposed themselves. That exposure has led to all sorts of trouble, from harassment to identity-fraud. Nevertheless, most of the folks over there have gotten locked in to a whole life online without pants.

Now along comes Google Plus/Google Profiles and wants to eat Facebook’s lunch, so to speak.

Inviting all of those people – who have, over time, eventually gotten over the discomfort and embarrassment of not wearing pants in public – to a venue where many people might actually be modestly clad from the waist down? That’s not going to be very comfortable for them. They’re going to feel exposed all over again. Like pants-wearing people might take advantage of their state of pantslessness.

The problem here is that their established network of contacts would no longer recognise them if they suddenly put pants on. In order to preserve their pantsless contacts they need to remain without pants among the fully-clad. That’s definitely going to cause some awkward moments around the buffet table.

The social network ‘market’ seems to largely be levelling off. It’s not enjoying vast growth anymore. That more or less means that if Google Plus wants to be successful it has to attract usage from users who are primarily already involved in a social network already. That means eating other networks’ lunch, and that’s essentially what I see going on here.

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