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I mean that question quite seriously. 2.7.4 was quite marginal as production viewers go, and 2.7.5 is a step down again from there, in my opinion.

Let’s just look at the problems that it had that were known about prior to its release.

Turning on basic shaders (a must for any Windlight features, or as a prerequisite more advanced graphics features) can drastically cut your framerates – far more so than is usual. Linden Lab uses the word ‘choke’. It ‘chokes’ the viewer.

Using a MacBook Pro? How does <1 frame per second strike you? Not so good? No. I thought not.

Having the entire scene go black when you turn lighting and shadows on? Or having stuff you rez all rez black? Or just the ground and the sky? Or all textures just coming up black? There’s plenty not to like in these issues if you’re experiencing them.

Or if you have lighting and shadows turned on, anything marked ‘shiny’ … well, isn’t.

So, with all of that already known, it made it out of development, through Quality Assurance, and into production as the default Second Life viewer for new and existing users. Who on earth actually thought this was a good idea, or was it a systemic failure at Linden Lab? What went so very wrong?

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