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Jacek Antonelli, founder of the Imprudence/Kokua project, which has been responsible for the creation of so many excellent Opensim/Second Life viewers, is set to retire at the end of the month.

“Effective September 1,” Antonelli says.

Imprudence, always a strong contender for speed, smoothness and user-experience, has always been chief among my favourite Second Life viewers, far eclipsing the official offerings from Linden Lab for basics like stability and user-experience in my opinion. This despite the viewer-development process not always having been as smooth and trouble-free as one might have hoped.

You can read Antonelli’s statement on the Kokua blog.

Without Antonelli, the project will have to reconfigure its organisation and development, and it has a month to get that done before Antonelli passes into retirement from the project and moves on to other things.

What other things?

“There are a few new creative pursuits that I’ve been considering, most of them unrelated to virtual worlds,” Antonelli told me, “but my immediate priority will be achieving a new balance in my life. Then, I’ll see what grabs my attention.”

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