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I guess this is what can happen when you outsource enforcement.

After a rash of similarly-named imposter accounts (variations on the name) being reported, Linden lab (or their agents) have blocked the master Meeroos account.

”Meeroos Resident is responsible for all deliveries, redeliveries for lost content and has possession of all of our vendors and content. If you have in a ticket for a missing item, please be aware, we do not know when access to this account will be restored. We deeply apologize. This is certainly an unexpected and enormous burden on us, as well as you.”

Another account has access to the core assets, so all is not lost, but it is darn sloppy work on the enforcement end.

More information is available here.

UPDATE (10:37am US Pacific Time): The account has apparently been stealthily reinstated by Linden Lab, secretly and with zero communication with the account-holder. The account-holder simply kept trying periodically, though with little hope, and the system suddenly accepted the account as valid.

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