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Someone asked me recently if I would consider doing any stream-of-consciousness pieces on various topics.

I had to laugh at the suggestion.

You see, all of my writing is stream-of-consciousness. It’s raw, single-draft writing. Sure, I give it a proof-reading pass at the end to fix up punctuation, and the odd dropped or doubled word – and then slap a headline on it afterwards – but it is all what I think, typed in as I think of it.

Yes, it’s theoretically quite a sloppy way to work. The advantage is that my thought processes really are like this, or like this – at least once they get translated into words. Interestingly, the more and more I write, the less and less I think in language and the more and more I think in complete abstracts. Shove those abstracts through the left brain (under the right circumstances) and words pour out of the fingers.

Served up hot and fresh – and occasionally daft – to you.

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