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There’s a new login screen for the 2.8.1 Second Life viewer. You can check Daniel Voyager’s post about that.

What I find rather more interesting is an embedded configuration blob within the page.

Here’s what it looks like:

<div id=”configuration” style=”display: none”>

<span id=”locale”></span>
<span id=”server-time”>1312287586</span>
<span id=”version”></span>
<span id=”channel”>Second Life Release</span>
<span id=”channel-no-spaces”>Second_Life_Release</span>
<span id=”grid”>agni</span>
<span id=”os”></span>

<span id=”cdn-url-and-version”>http://lecs-viewer-login-agni.s3.amazonaws.com/1</span>
<span id=”texture-server”>http://texture-service.agni.lindenlab.com/</span>
<span id=”dg-base-url”>http://ws.world-ng.agni.lindenlab.com/destinations/</span>
<span id=”dg-whats-hot”>http://ws.world-ng.agni.lindenlab.com/destinations/busiest/0</span>
<span id=”events-url”>http://ws.world-ng.agni.lindenlab.com/events/0</span>
<span id=”non-prod-msg-url”>http://lecs-viewer-login-agni.s3.amazonaws.com/grid-msgs/agni.json</span>


The blob is embedded in the login-page source code. Some of the fields (like locale, os, and version) appear like they are for the viewer to fill in, so that the page can be generated appropriately – presumably with a dose of javascript. Others, (eg: texture-server) don’t have as clear a purpose and leave me wondering if some of this is intended to be accepted as configuration information by the viewer.

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