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Well, what can I say about July?

I can say that it was the second-best month on record, and a large chunk of the responsibility for that has to go to Google.

Google Plus itself brought in plenty of new readers, and replaced Twitter as the single top traffic source to the blog. By a lot. By a very big lot.

The controversy surrounding Google stomping Google Plus/Profiles users (regardless of whether they were using their wallet names or not) brought in yet more readers from major news outlets, not limited to the New York Times and Washington Post; as well as others around the world. So, I guess, thanks for turning to the evil side there, Google, even if it is kind of a low-grade, mediocre evil.

As we start into August, the overall banishing process appears to be reducing the number of referrals from Google Plus, lessening its impact, and Twitter looks like it might edge back into the lead. More on that in the next monthly wrap up.

There were 42 posts for July, and the net profit for the month was $133, including your kind donations. That’s $3.16 per post, in case you’re interested.

The top ten items on the site during July were:


  1. Google seemingly split on pseudonymous Google+ accounts and Google Profiles – It’s okay until it isn’t
  2. Follow-up: Google confirms “real” names a requirement for Profiles/Plus … mostly
  3. Second Life Statistical Charts
  4. New unannounced Second Life parcel privacy option in development
  5. Google still can’t get its names policy straight, even internally
  6. Second Life rebranding in 2011?
  7. Now I know why I didn’t take to Avatars United
  8. A tier-fee trade-off
  9. The pants-theory of Google Plus
  10. How did Second Life viewer 2.7.5 even make it into production?


August, you might already have noted is off to a rollicking start, news-wise, which is one of the reasons that I’m running a little late with this end-of-month wrap-up.

To pathetically attempt to make that up to you, I’ll leave you with a tune. Somehow the whole Google Plus/Google Profiles debacle makes me think of this clip for some reason.

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