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Well, that was quick. Just this-afternoon – in the wake of the rolling-restarts bringing mesh server-side support to Second Life, earlier today – Second Life viewer 3 has gone into production as the default Second Life viewer.

A number of people asked me today when I thought Viewer 3 would make that transition, and I said that I expected by the end of this week, or no later than next Wednesday; a prediction greeted mostly with scepticism. Here it is, even sooner.

Yes, Second Life’s mesh-features are contentious. Opinions range from those who think it will be unalloyed awesomeness, to those who believe that it will cause a collapse in the Second Life economy leading to a termination of the Second Life service.

More likely, I feel, is that the truth is somewhere in between.

At present, support for mesh in third-party Second Life viewers is rather thin on the ground. Some are planning it, some are planning to avoid it. Also estate managers can apparently turn mesh support on or off for their regions. That will lead to some interesting situations, I’m thinking. I wonder if products containing meshes will end up specially marked, as they might not be visible to all users, everywhere.

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