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The distinctive clock-tower at the University of Western Australia is going to be in the 2012 UWA Friends of the Grounds calendar. Not an image of the actual clock-tower, but a photograph of a virtual-world representation of the clock-tower, called “Reflections of Winthrop”, made by Jay Jay Jegathesan / JayJay Zifwane.

The clock-tower in Second Life

(the clock-tower in Second Life)

A second image from Second Life, made by Second Life user Silene Christen will be used as the insert for the upcoming calendar. There’s been a prize outstanding for anyone able to get a Second Life image into the calendar, so Christen will be taking half that prize, and Jegathesan’s portion will be used to purchase calendars as prizes for the “UWA 3D Open Art Challenge and MachinimUWA IV: Art of the Artists” grand finale to be announced in November.

(the original clock-tower, from the ground)

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