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Continuing the push to try to make Second Life premium accounts more attractive, Linden Lab is offering a limited-time, one-off discount on new premium accounts.

The discount only applies to basic accounts, and only to a quarterly subscription – which normally costs US$22.50. Until 8am Pacific time on Monday 12, basic accounts are eligible for a 50% one-time discount on that rate. By one-time, I mean that when or if you renew that premium membership, it’ll be at the normal rates (US$9.95 for a month, US$22.50 for a quarter, and US$72 for a year). Remember, that if your account is already a premium account, this discount doesn’t apply to you.

Ordinarily, I’d say this was a good thing to try out. With the number of accounts I hear about having trouble (the getting-suspended sort of trouble) when reverting from premium back to basic, however, I must confess that I view the whole deal a little more dubiously than I otherwise might.

The list of premium benefits is here, though yes, they’re phrased quite confusingly – particularly the “Exclusive mainland building rights” which seems to skirt dangerously close to being actually misleading or deceptive, due to its gross oversimplification.

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