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As this particular day comes around each year, people often ask “What will you be doing to remember 9/11?”

My answer, this year, is the same as every year.

I remember the basic goodness of people. How heroic and how magnificent we can be, even though that heroism and magnificence can be so commonplace as to be overlooked as ordinariness.

I remember that people who think and look and act differently from myself can be trusted. Diversity makes us strong and vibrant, and ever so interesting.

I remember that revenge is an eternal cycle of fear, unless someone is brave enough to walk away from it.

I remember to be kind. That we have the capacity for kindness is a gift – a gift not to be hoarded or hidden.

I remember to act on these.

I will remember these things tomorrow.

I will remember them the next day.

I remember them every day.

Is there something else I should be doing?

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