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Sony was recently – and quite rightly – subject to lawsuits from its Playstation Network users for an almost unprecedented level of negligence with customer data.

Now Sony has been scrambling to improve its PSN security, but the recent changes in the PSN terms of service make it seem as if it doesn’t really give a damn about it.

Sony’s terms basically are that you waive the right to bring any legal action or participate in any class-action against Sony, parents, affiliates, partners or subsidiaries – that’s actually potentially quite a large list.

Of course just writing it in the terms and requiring agreement doesn’t make it legal or binding, either. Even if your jurisdiction does allow you to go to court, Sony insists that you must waive a trial-by-jury, unless they also agree to one.

Sony has a major PR problem with its Playstation Network service right now. This particular move is not helping to improve that position any.

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