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Linden Lab is planning to replace the welcome/gateway area for the adult Second Life continent of Zindra – or, more properly, is looking to transition from a Linden Lab managed gateway area to one managed by users. Accordingly Linden Lab put out a call for proposals for interested parties.

The deadline for proposals was the beginning of this month, and Linden Lab says that it is getting close to making a decision, but has not yet done so.

In the meantime, at least one group has announced that their bid has succeeded – which is, at best, jumping the gun and at worst, one of those hoaxes or scams that you tend to get among resident-helper, mentor or police groups that claim affiliation with – or support from – Linden Lab where none exists.

“There is a leading candidate,” Linden Lab’s PR Manager, Peter Gray told me, “but we’ve not yet finalized any agreement or announced our selection. We hope to be able to do so soon.”

As always, if you see any person or group claiming affiliation with Linden Lab and there’s no corroborative announcement from Linden Lab, that’s a violation of the Second Life Terms of Service, and you should file an abuse-report.

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