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A good process

The idea of process and procedure is often demeaned and maligned. Bureaucracy, red-tape, checks-and-balances, a waste of time.

The thing is that there are good processes and bad processes. In a bad process, it only takes one person to make a mistake for the end-result to end up in error or disaster. In a good process, all it takes is one person to not make a mistake to yield a good result.

Now, I don’t know what the details of Linden Lab’s processes are for suspension of user-accounts or for blacklisting of Second Life assets, but it doesn’t seem like a stretch to call them bad processes.

Perhaps there are many many incidences where the Lab got things right. The problem is that – too many times each year – the results of those processes seem to be publicly and egregiously deficient. Yes, everyone makes mistakes. You, me, all of us. It’s a part of the human condition. Mistakes will be made.

Good processes are intended to reduce the odds of poor results by ensuring that everyone involved in the process must be in error before there is a negative impact.

I’m thinking that some of those processes need a harder look. Checks and balances exist because we cannot always trust ourselves to get it right every time. Mistakes will still be made… but perhaps they won’t be so major or so frequent.

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