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Linden Lab’s board of directors is now graced by legendary game-designer, Will Wright. An interesting development, since we so rarely see any changes on the Lab’s board of directors. Whether this actually signals or heralds any change in corporate direction at Linden Lab is uncertain at the present time.

A lot depends on what the company’s current direction is (which continues to be an unknown), and how much involvement the board has in major decision-making for the company (which is another unknown).

Linden Lab was not immediately available for comment, but I’m expecting to hear back from the company with some sort of comment or statement.

[Thanks to everyone who wrote in about this today]

Update: Linden Lab has responded with an official statement:

We are thrilled to have a leader and pioneer of creative gaming and user-generated content join the Board of Linden Lab.  His experience and insight will be incredibly valuable as we look to make the creativity that makes Second Life special today more easily and widely available.
Yes, it’s generic, and I understand that you are likely disappointed by the response, but my take is that the Lab doesn’t want to discuss this any further.

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