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When I’m not writing on this blog – or being half dead of pneumonia, say – I’m the caregiver for two disabled people, 24 hours per day, every day of every year. That’s the sort of thing that keeps you indoors a lot. I’m far from alone in this. Second Life, notably, has a disproportionately large population of users who are either disabled or infirm, or who are caregivers for them.

At one time, this community was estimated to be in excess of 60% of Second Life’s active general population. Second Life is an amazingly useful tool for making and maintaining social contacts and having an active social life when you just cannot get out much – or at all. Leastways, when the platform stability isn’t driving you up the wall, anyway.

Second Life isn’t the actual thing that I’m talking about here today, though.

If you’re a caregiver yourself, you might want to take a look at caregivervillage. Initially, you might mistake it for an opensim grid, backing up a support site for caregivers. That’s not quite it, though. The Unity 3D based game, Caregiver Village, is a … well, if you’ll pardon the portmanteau, ‘edutainment’ game, intended to help divert and relax caregivers, while teaching them valuable skills throughout an engaging and episodic mystery/adventure, sprinkled with mini-games and sporting connections to Facebook. All of that, plus the Web-site supporting caregivers.

Colour me biased – which, of course, I am – but I think that’s worth a look.

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