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Okay, this is a little late. I’ll talk about why.

October was a whole bag of no-fun, for starters. I spent the bulk of the month with pneumonia. Being that I have Cystic Fibrosis, that isn’t really an ideal situation. I got over the pneumonia, but I’m still coughing with annoying frequency, and wheezing much of the time (though I’m spending less of each day wheezing, which is good).

That’s actually not why this post is late, per se. A few days ago, someone abandoned a stolen car outside my front door. Quite a nice four-wheel drive, actually. I didn’t pay it a lot of mind. Having been unwell, I didn’t get out much, and when I did, I wasn’t paying any particular attention to the car, and didn’t notice the absence of plates.

It sat there for a couple days, and then – just before midnight – someone drove up in a car, broke in a couple of the windows of the parked car, and threw what seems to have been petrol bombs into it, then roared off. I heard the noises. I felt the boom when the petrol bombs blew as well as heard it. It felt like something had smacked into the front of the house.

I went cautiously outside, and contacted the firies and the police when I saw what was happening. The interior of the car was well ablaze. A car was burning outside my front door.

The firies (AKA the Fire Department, for you non-Australians) were commendably fast. One of their HRVs was in the street in less than two minutes, and the police were less than two minutes behind them.

It didn’t take them long to extinguish the fire – just minutes – but it took quite a while before the police finished and the car was towed away.

Now, the police are pretty sure that whoever stole the car and abandoned it were the same people who torched it. There hasn’t been any arson here or vandalism of cars for years. You never see gangers anymore, even though it is a poor area. It’s quiet at night, and not the sort of area that you feel unsafe walking around after dark.

Well, I never felt that way before anyway.

Now, I must admit, that I wonder if someone’s going to lob a petrol bomb through my window or my door – even though I have no reasonable basis for believing that might ever happen.

Yes, the whole incident has been preying on my mind a bit. A distracted Tat doesn’t get much writing done… it’s hard to think about what you want to think about when you’re stuck thinking about the things you don’t want to think about. That’s the problem with work that is largely mental.

I daresay that I’ll just get over it, and things will be back to normal pretty soon. Writing this is a good start. Or so I imagine.

Let’s see where the new month takes us.

Update: Now, you folks are being really nice and all, and I almost never turn down donations, but I’d like to at least know that you’re making donations for the right reasons. If you are under the impression that I am presently under some unusual or especial financial hardship, you’ve been misled. Yes, absolutely, I’m poor. I’m under the Henderson Poverty Line for June 2011… but that’s not new. It is difficult to make ends meet when you don’t have enough ends, but no – the situation isn’t deteriorating. It’s the status quo. My being ill has certainly had an impact on the time that I spend writing, and tackling my email but so has the Lab’s being quiet. I’ll be poking Lab PR some more and see if I can’t get them to produce a little more.

If you feel, having read this, that your donation was based on incorrect information and that you are having second thoughts about it, just send me an IM or an email, and I’ll send it back on to you. That’s fine too, and you don’t need to be shy about it. We all lift each-other up in different ways, but we should know why we’re doing it.

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