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fui.pngOn Monday, there was a November Update on the Second Life blog, showcasing and celebrating the release of Second Life viewer 3.2 – with its first-generation customisable user-interface.

Only, that didn’t quite happen. The viewer didn’t launch and the post was pulled off the site after displaying for less than an hour.

Here’s what you missed, and what you’ll probably see on Tuesday or Wednesday …

New Viewer Gives Second Life Users a Customizable User Interface for a More Flexible Workspace
With the launch of the new Second Life Viewer today, Second Life Residents can now customize their user interface for a more flexible workspace.
New customizable functionality includes:

  • Drag-and-drop buttons on the toolbar so Residents can change ordering, move buttons from one toolbar to another and choose which buttons appear
  • An option to choose one, two or three toolbars
  • The option to select either icons or labels

The new Viewer also makes it easy for new Residents to find the essential basic functions, as well as access to more advanced functionality as they grow in Second Life.
New-user functionality includes:

  • How-to window provides easy, step-by-step instructions for common tasks
  • Destinations button offers interesting destinations
  • Avatars button allows Residents to choose and immediately change their avatar
  • Inventory button lets Residents see the things they own
  • Shop button takes Residents to the Second Life Marketplace


By merging the Basic and Advanced modes, users no longer need to switch between modes, which improves usability – and ultimately enhances the Second Life inworld experience.

Inbox Messaging Gives Second Life Residents a More Efficient Way to Communicate
Did you know that you are now able to send a message from your inbox to anyone in Second Life who accepts messages from you?
Whether you are a merchant and want to ask your customers about their experiences with your products, or you simply want to keep in touch with friends on the grid, the addition of the profile inbox will help you better communicate.
Because you can view and track your messages, inbox messaging also allows you to better manage their conversations. And because the inbox is available on the web, you don’t have to be logged in to Second Life to read and send messages.
If you would like to contact someone who is not in your friends list, you can send them a message directly from their profile by choosing “Message” from the drop-down envelope icon.
Although direct messages to other users don’t appear in your profile feed (even if that’s set to public), if you are still concerned about your privacy, your profile settings allow you to control who sends you messages and how you get notified.

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