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From the Second Life blog:

To celebrate the launch of the new Premium membership package, which includes exclusive benefits and Premium-only sneak peaks, we’re offering 50 percent off Premium Membership*!

The phrase “new Premium membership package” is what caught my eye here, quite aside from the uncertain capitalisation and that a “sneak peak” is something you expect to find in your date’s trousers (sneak peek is the phrase I think that was being groped for there).

Why? Because this is the same Second Life premium membership package that we’ve had for almost three full months now.

In fact it’s the same Second Life premium membership package that Linden Lab offered the same discount on in the second week of September.

Only now it’s… umm… ‘launching’. Right.

I wish that didn’t feel quite so deceptive… but that’s how it feels. On the other hand, I suppose ‘launching’ means that the Lab doesn’t have any further plans to add benefits to the premium membership package for the foreseeable future. So that’s one bit of certainty we can take away.

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