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The Second Life diaries

Sometimes I feel that if there was a diary about the life-cycle of Second Life, fragments of it would look like this:

April, 2002: Launched Linden World yesterday! Got our first user, and she made a giant beanstalk! This is going to be great. The birds and snakes roaming the servers are awesome. We’re going to need a lot of content, so we’re instituting an Early Creators program.

November 2002: We have an economy! Prim taxes will solve all of our problems!

April 2003: Happy Birthday, Second Life! Can’t say as I care very much for the new name – nobody here really does – but the marketing specialist tells us that it will work out well. No more birds and snakes. Turns out they were a resource hog.

3 June 2003: We’re open to the public! This is so exciting!

December 2006: Creating content is hard. We should focus on creating and helping communities and let them take care of all of that.

June 2008: Creating communities is hard. We let communities handle themselves, and focus on marketing Second Life.

September 2010: Marketing Second Life is hard. Let’s just focus on marketing vampires or the virtual pet industry or something.

Honestly? I’m not sure that would exactly make for a successful adaption into a major film. Which is a shame, because I’d rather like to see Karl Urban as Cory Ondrejka.

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