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A marketing push

Someone recently asked me to check with the Lab and ask about the “Big Marketing Push” that the Lab said at SLCC that it was gearing up for. If I recall rightly, the question was along the lines of “Has it happened yet? Or is it still to come?”

I’m sorry, I’ve completely forgotten who it was who asked me – but I did ask the Lab and get an answer.

“No, you didn’t miss it. Our display ads and other marketing efforts are continuing to bring new users to Second Life, and as conversion rates improve and we launch new products, you’ll see more marketing from the Lab.”

I think that basically means that the banner ads with the vampires and the vampire-themed marketing were basically what we were talking about.

On the plus side, not too long after I got that answer, the Lab has completely reworked (or should I say ‘revamped’?) the Web-site… err, with a vampire taking the front spot.

I still don’t actually know that I like the marketing message, so maybe it isn’t the plus that I might have suggested.

“Experience and create anything you can imagine.” is not actually true. I can imagine a whole lot more than Second Life can deliver.

“Play games with friends” is cool.

“role-play with vampires” … not so much.

“shop for unique fashions and attend live music performances!“ is fine.

But the actual videos/trailers for marketing Second Life are…. I’ll charitably call them misrepresentation. It’s not that avatars cannot do the things depicted so slickly in the videos, so much as that it can require hours of stage-management to get them to do some of the things that are so casually displayed.

That sort of thing bugs me, and I’m not even quite sure why.

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