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How to send Qarl money

There seems to be a little confusion about who is involved in the parametric deformer project. For the record, it isn’t me – for those of you that might have gotten a little confused. If you’re eager to donate money by way of saying thanks, then the person to send it to is Karl Stiefvater, perhaps better known as Qarl.

You can send money to Karl via Paypal by sending it to qarl@qarl.com. Please don’t send it to me. While I’m undoubtedly fond of Karl, I’m not involved with his projects and it makes for some awkward accounting all around.

I feel kind of guilty and embarrassed if you send me money that’s intended for him – particularly if the sum is… substantial. Paypal should allow you to provide a note saying what it is for, exactly. Be a dear, and use that so Karl knows what it is that he’s getting money for. I daresay he probably gets money for more than one thing.

So, if you want to give Karl money for the parametric deformer, for being awesome, or just for being dead sexy, by all means, feel free.

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