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The venerable Second Life 1.23 viewer has disappeared from the list of official viewer downloads, as a part of an upcoming, incompatible change to the inventory transfer protocol.

Oz Linden said, of the patch, “We’re going to deploying changes to the inventory backend soon that improve robustness and performance, but in testing those changes we found that existing viewers relied on certain things being strictly ordered.  With the new backend, that assumption does not always hold true.”

“Changeset d327dcc8ae51 from viewer-development implements the viewer change needed to avoid race conditions.  It should be straightforward to apply to any viewer, and is safe to release before the changes are deployed (it is compatible with the services as they are now).”

“You are strongly urged to port this patch and get it deployed.”

“I’m not sure of the exact deployment schedule – more than days, probably less than a month. I believe that there is no known risk of inventory loss or damage without the patch, but it is true that some operations can result in accidental nudity, which some users might be unhappy about.”

Linden Lab won’t be porting this patch to the old viewer 1.x series, so it makes sense for that viewer to be removed from support. Or, I suppose, it could just be renamed: Viewer 1.23 – accidental nudity edition.

Third-party viewers based on the 1.23 code-base can port and apply the patch in order to continue without accidental nudity.

UPDATE: Henri Beauchamp has ported the patch to the viewer 1.x codebase. Of course, there’s no way to actually test the patch against the new system to see if it works, yet. Hopefully that will become possible soon… before the new system actually rolls out fully.

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