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2ndMe, a fast growing service for Second Life residents, changed its status from beta to final on 16th of January 2012. All promised features like Adobe Flash 11-based core, animation and hardware acceleration support were successfully released. Also, from now on 2ndMe users enjoy free export of their avatars to Second Life.

2ndMe was launched in June 2011 and originally provided flash-based and easy-to use Second Life avatar constructor with 2ndMe Store. Later, 2ndMe Team introduced photo-to-avatar conversion service, which was later enhanced with manual avatar finishing by a designer and Second Life style creation. At first, the release of the final version was scheduled for Christmas 2011, but later it was decided to postpone it until the beginning of January 2012 due to source code optimization.

The creation of avatars in 2ndMe avatar constructor is free of charge, but Second Life export cost 50 points (equal to 50 Linden Dollars, or approximately $0,2). This was because avatar and apparel were uploaded to Second Life every time, and every time 2ndMe had to pay commission for the upload. From now on the upload mechanism is completely renewed, all apparel and Store items are already uploaded to Second Life. So, 2ndMe Team removed this fee.

Another good news is an increased number of free & paid apparel in 2ndMe Store. Some of these items were introduced by 2ndMe Team, others – by third-party vendors. As before, vendors can place their apparel to 2ndMe via Second Life in-world Magic Box or by a personal request. 2ndMe Team is still developing a vendor panel which meets the requirements of both vendors and developers.

For the further plans, 2ndMe Team declared development of vendor panel and enhancement of apparel range in 2ndMe Store. Also, 2ndMe is still open for negotiations with investors.

You can learn more about 2ndMe on http://2ndme.com

The Web-site seems rather ungrammatical (though better than the press-release), but my impression is that English isn’t their first language.

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