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At present there seems to be a moderately serious problem with the central “presence” service in Second Life. Either some user logouts are not being properly recorded, or the serialising and storing of their attached assets or scripts is not working as it is supposed to.

This is leaving quite a few Second Life user accounts in a Limbo state, where the system “cannot log you in” until some future date, that never actually arrives.

The problem doesn’t appear to be tied to any particular version of the simulator software, so it looks like a central-services problem, which manifested in the wake of last week’s server-side software updates. Rebooting regions that are primarily affected does not appear to remedy the issue.

You may be able to avoid the issue by selecting a different region to log into from the viewer’s login screen, or by contacting Customer Service and getting them to forcibly kick your login-ghost off of the grid.

Linden Lab is planning to deploy a fix for this in the coming week. A fix that probably cannot come soon enough.

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